Friday, September 9, 2011

Teresa Telenovela

Teresa Telenovela 2010 feature Angelique Boyer as Teresa Chávez Aguirre the main protagonise character of the story Teresa Telenovela. Telenovela Teresa 2010 is a remake of the same tittle who starring Salma Hayek. Teresa Telenovela 2010 directed by Monica Miguel.

Telenovela Teresa tells of a woman who is very ambitious in achieving her dreams, Teresa Chavez described as the woman who justifies any means, she likes to lie and manipulation.

Telenovela Teresa: Teresa has a lover of Mariano, a man who lived in the same environment, but Teresa did not really love him, Teresa wasted sincerity love of Mariano . Teresa had an affair with many men, this is done to find a wealthy husband and could lift her honor, Teresa assumed economic status would increase the degree of social status.

In this telenovela Teresa told Teresa Chavez school in the fancy school and she met with Paulo, a wealthy young man and very popular among all students. Teresa, do not waste the opportunity to seduce Paulo, using her beauty to charm Paulo. Paulo fell in love with her. Actually Paulo already has a lover of Aida. Furthermore, Teresa's lie that she was a rich woman revealed, Aida who feels hurt opened lies of Teresa in public, Paulo is expected to defend herself instead decided her love affairs and participate insulting Teresa.

In carrying out all subsequent her plan Teresa told harness the goodness Arturo de la Barrera, a wealthy lawyer who agrees to help pay for her education. Teresa really take advantage of weaknesses Arturo who admired her beauty.

Teresa Telenovela: Although Teresa alternated lover but she seemed not willing if Mariano relationship with another woman. Mariano eventually realized that Teresa had been betrayed, Mariano feeling really disappointed.

Mariano finally found solace in the arms of Aurora, Teresa's best friend. Teresa did not like the romance between Aurora and Mariano.

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Teresa told will soon be married to Arturo, but when she was introduced to Fernando, Luisa's boyfriend, Luisa is Arturo's sister. Fernando a milliarder, handsome, wealthy, have made Teresa interested. Teresa eventually ensnare with all her seduction, Fernando fell in Teresa's arms.

Arturo finally realized that Teresa was only interested in money, she does not love who Arturo, even at this telenovela Arturo told caught Teresa with Mariano having sex on the one night. Arturo then experienced an economic crisis, he increasingly doubted the love of Teresa, and decided to test her love by bringing Teresa lived in the area, where it originated.

How to end the adventure story of love Teresa? ... If she managed to achieve all her goals? ... You can watch telenovela Teresa on official site. Teresa Telenovela posted by News Today.

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