Friday, September 9, 2011

Teresa Telenovela Capitulo Final : In this Teresa capitulo 151 told Mariano married to Aurora and to honeymoon in Acapulco. Quote another story that occurred in the Teresa final Capitulo is about Teresa to realize her mistake over the years, she realized that money is not everything, money is not a source of happiness, sincerity love of Arturo have touched the conscience. Teresa tried to convince the current Arturo that her attitude has changed.

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Teresa Telenovela Capitulo Final (parte 5/7) by news today

Arturo does not believe all the words of Teresa, even because daydreaming about Teresa , in this Teresa Capitulo Final, Arturo recounted in a car accident and need intensive care in hospital.

Teresa convince Arturo that she regretted her actions in the past by donating all the money had come from Fernando and Artuto on a foundation. Will Arturo forgive Teresa? ... At the ending of this telenovela Teresa's story we will see a dramatic scene where Teresa clung longingly Arturo, she convince Arturo that she really love him and she can not live happily without the presence Arturo of the side. Teresa Telenovela Final Capitulo posted by News Today.