Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ver Teresa Capitulo 137

Ver Teresa Capitulo 137 one of them tells about Mariano asking Lucia to come to his office. To Lucia, Mariano said that Teresa wanted to conquer Fernando with the intent to obtain financial, Teresa did not have a sense of genuine love. As an ambitious woman who Teresa was only concerned with its economic future, and Fernando is considered can achieve her dreams.

Meanwhile, talks between the Arturo and Lucia secretly heard by Teresa. In the Telenovela Teresa Capitulo 137 told Lucia approached Arturo, Luisa said that Arturo has everything to love womens, but also good-looking Arturo's very kind. Teresa who hears the words of Luisa realizes that Luisa is a serious threat to the integrity of the household which is currently a lot of problems. What else happened to Teresa Capitulo 137 ... Watch Ver Capitulo Teresa 147 VideoS, posted by News Today.

Ver Teresa Capitulo 137 Parte 1

Ver Teresa Capitulo 137 Parte 2

Ver Teresa Capitulo 137 Parte 3