Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ver El Clon Capitulo Final 181 Online ? ... I do not understand, why many people regard as if El Clon Capitulo 181 is the final episode. Or maybe in the El Clon Ver Capitulo 181 more interesting story ?....

If you are one of the fans of El Clon telenovela who very like with Ver El Clon Capitulo 181 Final, so maybe you enjoyed the plot. Below is a review of El Clon Capitulo 181 Final:

Ver El Clon capitulo 181 Final online :

Ver El Clon capitulo 181 Final Review :

Ver El Clon Capitulo 181 Final told Said that complained to Nazira (Sandra Montenegro) on the issue of their homes, but he says all his fault and he was responsible.

In addition to on Said, El Clon Capitulo Final 181 also tells Michael, who was seducing Dora, that he would always love her. While Michael will kiss Dora, Dora away and left Michael.

Leonardo was very surprised when all of a sudden, Natalie (Laura Perico) screaming in pain, Natalia felt a great pain in his stomach and she was very worried about her pregnancy, Natalia did not want to lose the child she is carrying.

The doctor announced to Natalia, that she lost her baby, Natalia is very sad and feel guilty with this event. This event can be seen in the El Clon Capitulo Final 181.

Roberto (Didier Van der Hove) letting Lucia (Victoria Góngora) and Andrea (Monica Uribe) that Natalia has experienced miscarriage.

Besides telling Natalia, Ver El Clon Capitulo 181 Final tells the story of Zoraida (Luz Stella Luengas) who tries to convince Suleika that Muhammad was a bad father and husband that bad. Muhammad intend to get married again.

What would Latifa do to prevent Muhammad married again ? Having previously Latifa called Abdul (Carlos Barbosa Romero) and Latifa said: "if Muhammad married again, he will never meet again with their children and themselves." Abdul told all this time defending the attitude of Muhammad. Just watch El Clon Ver Capitulo Final 181.