Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Movie

Valentine's Day Movie 2010: A lot of films that are suitable for both of you watch with your lover on Valentine's Day celebration. Romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall this might be your choice. Valentine's Day Movie 2010, which starred many famous actors and actresses including Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, and many other actors are indeed good enough for you to watch.

Plot Valentine's Day Movie : In Los Angeles, Dr. Harrison Copeland (Patrick Dempsey) dating Julia, when he already has a wife, and Harrison's wrong is not open about their status to Julia. Reed Bennett (Ashton Kutcher) a florist, by accident to know all the secrets of Harrison when he ordered flowers for Julia and Harrison's wife Pamela (Katherine LaNasa).

Valentine's Day story, in which the day of Valentine Harrison pretend to have an important purpose and should go to San Francisco. With an intention to surprise, Julia also bought a plane ticket to San Francisco. Reed knows that Harrison to San Francisco to celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife, Reed trying to catch up Julia to the airport and remind Julia, but Julia does not trust the words of Reed, and she still left.

Next Valentine's Day tells how disappointed Julia arrival in Sa Francisco and heard from the nurses that Harrison was celebrating Valentine's Day at a restaurant with his wife.

Funny scenes of the movie Valentine's Day began to be felt when Julia was pretending to be servants, and giving back a gift that was given Harrison the previous morning. Pamela became suspicious about the Julia's behavior and comments to Harrison.

In addition to about Harrison, Valentine's Day also tells a student who had a crush on his teacher. Edison (Bryce Robinson) order for flowers to Reed, to be sent to Julia, but Reed suggests Edison that flowers were sent to a girl friend who has long fancied Edison.

On Film Valentine's Day even this you will see the funny scenes Grace (Emma Roberts) who plans to give up her virginity to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day. But Alex and Grace (Carter Jenkins) all plans messed up, Alex was caught by mother's Grace was training to Grace's song while naked and holding a guitar.

How to complete the story of the Valentine's Day Movie ? ... Because this is Valentine's Day romantic comedy movie, it's more enjoy to watch directly. You can find and Watch Valentine's Day Movie Online from the official website. You can read my previous post about the movie Valentine Day, is Blue Valentine Online. Posted by News Today.