Saturday, February 5, 2011

JWoow's The Book

JWoow 'Shore-Tested' Tips to Landing a Man : Reality television star of Jersey Shore , Jenni Farley or more familiar was called JWoow Jersey Shore has written a book on tips how to choose a date or boyfriend. The plan of this book will go on sale on February 10, 2011, for you fans of Jenni get ready just to go to the Mall in time.

One quote of JWoow's the book: Men who are physically a man's dream, is not necessarily suitable to be used as a life partner, a place to share joys and sorrows. Many girls who feel cheated, after the man of their dreams turned out like lying and cheating.

In addition, Jenni who is one of the players Jersey Shore reality television a lot of fans, added, background and the financial lives influence your relationship with your boyfriend.

Besides writing about tips to deal with and choose a man, Jenni Farley who is currently dating bodybuilder Roger Williams , JWoow the book also includes tips on standing up for yourself.

J-Woow some tips in her book: Do not drunk while on a date, kiss your boyfriend's mother candidate, because the family can affect your next relationship.

For more details you can read the book of J-Woow this by buying direct. You can read more articles about the Jersey Shore this blog, Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 6.