Friday, October 22, 2010

Angry Birds

Angry BirdsAngry Birds : A mobile game is quite a lot of iPhone fans. Angry Birds game developed Finnish company, Rovio Mobile with Google operating system Adroid this game can be played on your mobile phone. Interestingly this game because gamers can play all levels without having to go through step by step, that sometimes make us despair.

In just one week this game has been downloaded by more than 3.2 million people. Angry Birds game is very familiar among users of Android

If the other games we have to solve step by step and we can not move to the upper level before completing the level below it, in Angry Birds we just download a simple trick and we can play every part that we want.

Seeing so enthusiastic users of mobile phones with games Angry Birds and tempted by the sales Angry Birds a fantastic game on the iPhone, Electronic Arts (EA) are interested in purchasing this game Angry Bird.

According to the news, EA is paying about $ 20 million to the Angry Birds Chillingo to buy this game. However, EA did not fully get the whole game Angry Birds property rights because these rights are still held by its developers, namely Rovio Mobile.

If you are interested to play this Angry Birds game and need a cheat that can unlock all the levels, try clicking on this link and please download.