Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prediksi Nigeria vs Korea Selatan, South Korea and Nigeria will face life-death matches in Group B, while hoping Argentina seriously against Greece at the same time.

Nigeria vs Korea Selatan, Argentina has won it ticket to the second round with six points from two wins. South Korea and Greece are both collecting three points, with one goal deficit. But South Korea has the right at the second position because it is more productive. Nigeria at the bottom of the standings with no point, and a deficit of two goals.

South Korea and Nigeria will seek to outdo each other, in order to accompany Argentina. If the series, and at the same time Greece hold Argentina - or possibly defeat it - South Korea became the first Asian team to go home.

Nigeria need a miracle. They must win by three goals, but can only pass if at the same time Greece defeat Argentina.

Although slaughtered by Argentina 4-1, South Korea is still favored to win the game against a temperamental team named Nigeria. While Nigeria sees itself quite lucky, because at least still has a chance of qualifying for the second round.

Greece defeated Nigeria 2-1 after Sani Kaita kicked Vassilis Torosidis and rewarded red card. Coach Huh Jung-moo predicted will be using the same technique to beat Nigeria, which provoked a team player from West Africa to carry out violence.

"We should press Nigeria until they are frustrated and agitated to violence," said Huh.
South Korea, still according Huh, will not let Nigerian midfielder free to roam in midfield and sent a feed to the penalty box. He also claimed have instructed his players to perform strict vigil to every Nigerian player.

"This match must be won, so we must use all means to reach three figures," said Huh.
Domestically, Huh flood of criticism. He blamed for choosing the wrong players, which led South Korea defeated by Argentina.

Huh is likely re-use the 4-4-2 formation, to allow Lee Dong-uk remain as a starter, and Park Ji-sung to his original habitat, which is playing wide on the right field.

In the stronghold of Nigeria, coach Lars Lagerback still practiced in a closed room. He is a little disturbed following the emergence of death threats against Sani Kaita, after his team defeated Greece 2-1.

Defender Taye Taiwo and Elderson Echiejile, who suffered injuries in the game against Greece, was said to have started practicing. Both will return to the starting line-up.

26-05-2010 Nigeria 0-0 Saudi Arabia
31-05-2010 Nigeria 1-1 Colombia
06-06-2010 Nigeria 3-1 North Korea
12-06-2010 Argentina 1-0 Nigeria
17-06-2010 Greece 2-1 Nigeria

South Korea
24-05-2010 Japan 0-2 South Korea
30-05-2010 South Korea 0-1 Belarus
03-06-2010 Spain 1-0 South Korea
12-06-2010 South Korea 2-0 Greece
17-06-2010 Argentina 4-1 South Korea

Nigerian Situation
Sani Kaita got penalty. Defender Taye Taiwo and Elderson Echiejile absent due to injury. Nigeria may no longer be the same as in the two games, but still dangerous.
The expected composition of Players: Enyeama, Shittu, Odiah, Yobo, Taiwo; Odemwingie, Etuhu, Lukman, Obasi; Aiyegbeni, Martins,

Situation South Korea
There are no Korean players are injured or exposed to punishment. Coach Huh Jung-moo needs to change the formation. He likely will adopt the 4-4-2 formation.
The expected composition of the Cast: Jung Sung-Ryong, Cha Du-Ri, Cho Yong-Hyung, Lee Jung-Soo, Lee Young-Pyo, Park Ji-Sung, Kim Jung-Woo, Ki Sung-Yong, Lee Chung-Yong; Park Chu-Young, Lee Dong-woof

Eligible players Observed
Vincent Enyeama: No one can be watched in the stronghold of Nigeria other than this one goalkeeper. Lionel Messi praised. Greek players impressed, and the public world football want to go back to see his actions . He will return complicate South Korean players, but probably could not save his team from defeat.
Park Ji-Sung: Park Si Three lungs, or Three Lunged Park, South Korea will be a pedestal. Not just in midfield, but also on all fronts, because he was captain and midfielder. He performed poorly when South Korea defeated by Argentina, but is believed to be finding his best performance in this fight. Park not only the expectation of Korea, but also Asia.

Castrol World Cup estimate the chances of Nigeria won the match 34 percent, Korea 30 percent. Possible series 36 per cent. Nigeria has a heavier duty, must beat South Korea - hoping that Greece was defeated by Argentina with a lot of goals. South Korea can not rely on the draw, for fear that Argentina beat Greece.

Nigeria 0-2 South Korea