Monday, June 21, 2010

Prediksi Chili vs Swiss. Chile vs Switzerland : Hitzfeld Be Modest, Chile will be favored as the winner when against Switzerland on the second match of Group H in Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium today. Swiss coach, Ottmar Hitzfeld, said it and asked his players to forget the winning of their team 1-0 win over favorite champion, Spain, in the first game.

Chili vs Swiss. Hitzfeld, 61 years, one of three coaches who ever won the Champions League trophy with two clubs, said that while Switzerland can remain silent the Spanish, did not necessarily make his team as favorite.

Hitzfeld basing his assessment of the facts when Chile managed to remain silent the Honduras 1-0 in the first game. "Switzerland is not a favorite team, even Chile. Chile's performance impressed me. First time to look at their performance in qualifying," said Hitzfeld, who has donated the European Champion title for Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

"Not many teams could end up qualifying in Argentina," said Hitzfeld commented on the final journey of Chile in CONMEBOL qualifying zone after finishing in second place under Brazil to collect the amount under 33 from 18 appearances.

Hitzfeld is assessing the performance of the Chilean stunning when it remain silent Honduras. "Their performance (Chile) beyond the assumption and they can win 3-0 or 4-0 than win 1-0. They are a solid team, with fast attacks from the players," Hitzfeld explained.

Hitzfeld analyze, the match between his team and Chile will be held tight. "Above all it will run strictly in which mentally of the players will play an important role. This is very important for us to play focused," he hoped.

Preparation Switzerland supported the return of striker Alexander Frei and West Ham United midfielder, Valon Behrami, who missed due to banned to appear at the opening match. Both have returned to practice and 100 percent ready to perform. But Hitzfeld said he did not believe would bring down Frei. "This does not mean he practiced and he will be performed against Chile. I just will determine the starting eleven a day before the game, but I am glad to have extra strength in the line of attack."


For Chilean coach, Marcelo Bielsa, stage of World Cup this time will be used to erase a nightmare. His failure to lift Argentina's performance when dealing Tango team in the 2002 World Cup whipped up his spirit.

However, coach who seal strengthly of his team this time said that the past is history. "I get older, that's the only thing that changed since then," Bielsa commented relating to the elimination of Albiceleste in World Cup qualifier in 2002.

Coach who is known as El Loco, Mad, took Chile picked the first victory in the South African over Honduras. He managed to knock down a bad record for his team, who have never won for 48 years. "Our goal is a new record and remember," he said.

Against the Swiss, Bielsa will rely on Suazo, the top scorer qualification (10 goals) in the CONMEBOL zone. Suazo will be supported by other strikers such as Atias Fernandez and Jorge Valdiva as well as two winger such as Alexis Sanchez and Jean Beausjour, victory goalscorer of Chile to Honduras's wicket.

They will be assisted by stopper Boca Juniors, Gary Medel, who will be commanding the Chilean defense. Can Bielsa carry back the trust of the supporters of Chile ? Which when against Honduras unfurled banner marked "Marcelo Bielsa: Chile say thank you." We'll see.