Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Samsung Continuum

Samsung ContinuumSamsung Continuum : Samsung launched its newest product, Samsung Continuum, Android phones with handset variant S Galaxy which has two Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen on the front. The main screen measuring 4 inches usefulness as other smart phone.

While the smaller screen, called the Ticker utility to display icons like the status message or new email, missed calls, weather information, and displaying RSS feeds with time uptodate. Indeed, the second display has a respectively puncture. Samsung Continuum is also equipped with hot-swappable slot MicroSD card and a dedicated camera key.

Manufacturers plan smartphone from South Korea in early November 2010 will be officially announced newest smartphone variant, named Samsung Continuum also called Samsung Galaxy S.

Samsung Continuum Smartphone that has this dual screen, In United States will be marketed in cooperation with operators Verizone Wireless, with an estimated Samsung Continuum will be priced at about $ 900.