Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rakta Charitra Controversy

Rakta CharitraRakta Charitra Controversy : Rakta Charitra Telugu Movie getting responses varied. Some of the Hindu religion questioned the phrase "revenge is the ultimate goal Mahabaratha". That sentence could make people have a negative connotation to the Hindu religion. In fact Hinduism teach peace in this life.

Ram Gopal Varma director Rakta Charitra Telugu film even asked the Hindu religious leaders, to be able to show, from which the chapter and page number of the sentence quoted from Mahabaratha? ... Ram Gopal Varma prompted to replace the phrase or else be ready to face the consequences.

About the controversy of this latest film RGV is still not giving a clear response. Rakta Charitra Telugu movie received protests from certain circles who objected to the Anantapurm mentioned as a place factionism. RGV was responded that protest by changing addressed Anantapuram into Anadapuram. Is RGV would respond to protests from the clergy, it's very wise if he does. Moreover, the plan 26 November later Rakta Charitra Telugu 2 will be released soon.

Controversy Rakta Charitra Telugu Movie, can make its own benefits, It's like free advertising to attract people to watch this movie, which according to news Rakta Charita Telugu Movie 1 in the first week only watched about half the number of spectators who witnessed the other Hindi films namely 'Jutha Sahi hi '.